40 Best Places In Indonesia That You Should Know

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1. Sabang


Sabang Talk about the beauty of Indonesia, the fun starts from Sabang. The location is on Pulau Weh, Aceh Province, at the northern tip of Sumatra. Various interesting destinations, especially marine tourism can be found around here.

Starting from Iboih Beach which is popular with local to foreign tourists, Rubiah Island, Sumur Tiga Beach, and so on. Apart from the beach there are also Men Laot Waterfall, hot springs, and Lake Aneuk Laot. Complete!

Before going home, don’t forget to stop by the 0 Km Monument, which is the westernmost point in Indonesia. Apart from being able to take pictures, a traveler can bring home a 0 Km Indonesia Certificate, which is proof that he has visited the westernmost side of Indonesia.

2. Banda Aceh


Banda Aceh, which is the capital of Aceh Province, has great tourism potential. Starting from religious tourism, there is the Baiturrahman Mosque which is not only magnificent but also keeps a magical story. When the 2004 tsunami hit Aceh, this mosque was still standing and became a shelter for residents.

Besides the mosque, there is another tourist attraction to commemorate the tsunami tragedy in Banda Aceh, namely the Tsunami Museum. The museum was designed by Ridwan Kamil, as a symbolic monument to the earthquake and tsunami disaster, as well as an educational center.

Then there are many more interesting tourist objects that are a pity to miss. For example PLTD Apung, which is an electric generator ship owned by PLN in Banda Aceh, the tomb of Sultan Iskandar Muda, and various beautiful beaches such as Ulee Lheue.

3. Toba

toba lake

The charm of Toba has gone global. This is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, which is located in North Sumatra. It is 100 kilometers wide and 30 kilometers wide. Wow!

History writes, Lake Toba was born from the awesomeness of the eruption of Mount Toba which had destroyed the world tens of thousands of years ago. This lake still exists today, with Samosir Island in the middle.

When visiting there, a traveler can relax while enjoying its beauty from various sides. If you want to sail on the lake as well as stop by Samosir Island, there are boats that will take tourists.

Toba is a priority for tourism development by the government. So the traveler is made easier, like the Silangit Airport, which greatly reduces travel time.

4. Nias


Nias is like a piece of heaven in Indonesia. The island, which is included in the North Sumatra region, has amazing natural tourism potential. Starting from natural tourism, history to culture.

For nature tourism, there are many cool beaches such as Sorake Beach, Lagundri Beach, Whispering Sand Beach, Toyolawa Beach and many more. Not only is the view beautiful, the waves are also challenging for surfing.

For culture, there is a stone jumping tradition in Bawomataluo Village, South Nias. The Nias Heritage Museum will also attract the attention of travelers with approximately six thousand collections of historical objects. There, tourists can get to know the history of Nias life from time to time.

5. Painan

If you want a peaceful vacation with beautiful natural scenery, it’s fun to go to Painan. This city is located in Pesisir Selatan Regency, West Sumatra. In Painan and its surroundings, a variety of interesting tourist objects await.

The Langkisau Hill, for example, has a stunning view of the Painan coast from the top. Then there is the root bridge which is up to 100 years old. This unique bridge is made of the roots of two banyan trees facing each other and separated by the Bayang River.

One more thing that is no less cool, there is Mandeh who is nicknamed Raja Ampat from West Sumatra. Mandeh is a bay surrounded by green coral islands and beaches like in Raja Ampat. The sea also has good enough visibility for travelers who want to snorkel or dive.

6. Mentawai

Located in the western part of Indonesia, the Mentawai Islands are one of the main destinations for tourists around the world visiting West Sumatra. This is because Mentawai has enchanting natural beauty of the sea.

Most of the tourists who visit are for surfing. World surfers consider the waves in Mentawai to be one of the best in the world.

The Mentawai Islands have four large islands, namely Siberut Island (the largest), Sipora Island, North Pagai Island and South Pagai Island as well as several small islands in the vicinity.

7. Anambas

If Eastern Indonesia has Raja Ampat, in the western part of Indonesia there is also the Anambas Archipelago which is no less beautiful. In fact, CNN Travel has also named Anambas as the most beautiful tropical archipelago in Asia, beating out several neighboring countries such as Thailand and Malaysia.

Located in the South China Sea, between Kalimantan, East and West Malaysia, the Anambas Islands are part of the Riau Islands Province. No wonder Anambas is a favorite destination for lovers of underwater activities such as snorkeling, diving and scuba diving.

The Anambas Islands only have a small airport and can be reached by small planes from Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport (Jakarta), Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport (Tanjungpinang), Hang Nadim Airport (Batam), and Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport (Pekanbaru). The means of transportation around the Anambas Islands can use a speed boat.

8. Belitung

Belitung has a lot of natural beauty which is no longer a secret. One of the factors is the film Laskar Pelangi which is popular and features many of Belitung’s tourist spots as backgrounds.

The number of islands around Belitung makes it a choice of water tourism destinations. There are many beautiful beaches where a traveler can go island hopping or do water sports activities such as snorkeling, fishing to sailing.

The most fun thing to do when you go to Belitung is having a tour in the style of the film Laskar Pelangi. A traveler can visit several places such as Tanjung Pandan City, Tanjung Tinggi Beach to Gantong SD Replica. Exciting!

9. Bengkulu

The province which is famous for its Raflesia flower also has many interesting tourist destinations. Not only beaches, in Bengkulu a traveler can also take historical tours.

If you want to go visit the beach, then visit Panjang Beach which is similar to the Gold Coast in Australia. If you want historical tours, you can visit Fort Marlborough or Bung Karno’s House of Exile.

A traveler can also enjoy a variety of seafood culinary such as grilled fish with special spices. There is also Lontong Tukung which is no less delicious.

10. Pahawang

Starting a few years ago, Pahawang became a popular tourist destination in South Sumatra. It is located in Lampung Province with an area of ​​1,804 hectares.

Pahawang Island is divided into two, namely Pahawang Besar Island and Pahawang Kecil Island. Clear water and clean white sand can be found here. There are many activities that can be done, such as diving, snorkeling, watersports and visiting the surrounding islands.

To Pahawang Island, don’t forget to visit Pasir Timbul. Namely the white sand that connects Pahawang Kecil Island and Pahawang Besar Island. Beautiful!

11. Kepulauan Seribu

Located in North Jakarta, there are the Kepulaan Seribu/Thousand Islands which are certainly familiar to the ears of the capital traveler. Because of its proximity to the center of Jakarta, making the Thousand Islands a favorite destination for beach-loving travelers.

You can also stop by Kelor Island or Onrust for historical tours. If you want to have fun, there are Tidung Island to Pari and others that you can visit. If you want to have a honeymoon or be alone with your partner, there are Macan Island and Pantara Island.

The government itself has set the Thousand Islands as one of the 10 priority destinations to be developed. To reach the Thousand Islands, a traveler simply takes a motorboat from Kali Adem Harbor in Muara Karang for about two hours.

12. Tanjung Lesung

Not much different from the Thousand Islands, the Tanjung Lesung area in Banteng has also been designated by the government as one of the 10 priority destinations and the Special Economic Zone (KEK).

A traveler can stop by the Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort. Anyone can visit and enjoy the beauty of the beach in it. However, beforehand, you need to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 25 thousand for weekdays, IDR 40 thousand for weekends or holidays, and it’s free for resort visitors and toddlers.

To get there, you first need to get to Serang. From Serang you can choose to go via Anyer or Pandeglang, before finally arriving in Labuan. From Labuan still passing Panimbang Market, and you will arrive at Tanjung Lesung. It takes about 4-5 hours by road from Jakarta.

13. Cirebon

Known as the City of Shrimp, Cirebon has many interesting destinations that travelers can visit. Starting from historical, religious to culinary tourism destinations, everything is in Cirebon.

For a traveler who loves history, you can stop by the Kanoman Palace or the Sunyaragi Cave. If you want religious tourism, you can stop by the Sunan Gunung Jati Tomb. As for culinary, of course, you must try Jamblang rice or empal gentong.

Cirebon is also quite close to the capital city of Jakarta. That is about 3 hours away by train or private car via toll roads.

14. Karimunjawa

For matters of islands and beautiful seas, the name of the Karimunjawa Islands in Jepara is certainly not inferior to those in Eastern Indonesia. A traveler can do island hopping while snorkeling or diving.

For those of you who want island hopping, there are Menjangan Kecil and Besar Islands which can be a recommendation. If you want to find photo spots, you can stop by Tanjung Gelam Beach, which has a sloping coconut tree icon.

Karimunjawa Islands can also be accessed by boarding a ferry from Jepara which takes about six hours. If you want to go faster, you can take a speedboat from Semarang, which only takes 2.5 hours.

15. Bromo

It feels incomplete to mention the best destinations for 2016 without including the name Bromo. Entering the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area, not a few domestic and foreign tourists visit to admire its beauty.

Seeing the magnificent sunrise against the backdrop of Mount Bromo and Mount Batok from Pananjakan, as well as exciting photos on Teletubbies Hill and the Bromo desert. For those who like adventure, you can have fun riding a jeep together.

A number of exciting events are regularly held at Bromo. For example, such as the Yadnya Kasada cultural celebration to the Jazz Gunung, a number of events that should not be missed.

16. Magelang

Magelang, one of the cities in Central Java, has the Borobudur Temple. The most famous and largest Buddhist temple in the world, as well as being included in the government’s list of 10 Priority Destinations. This means that Borobudur Temple will be managed more optimally in order to pamper tourists.

In addition, Magelang has many other tourist destinations that many tourists may not know about. There is a Chicken Church with a unique architecture, the Instagramable Kragilan Pine Forest, Mount Andong and Punthuk Setumbu.

17. Kulonprogo

Kulonprogo is a district in DI Yogyakarta. For those of you who want to have a vacation to Yogyakarta, it is enough for about 1 hour by vehicle to go to Kulonprogo. Don’t underestimate, Kulonprogo has a row of beautiful tourist attractions.

Come to Kalibiru to gaze at the beautiful landscape from an altitude of 450 meters above sea level and play the flying fox. Climb to the Peak of Suroloyo, to take a panoramic view of the sea of ​​clouds. When it comes to culinary delights, try the delicious Distilled Coffee and stop by Kalibawang to taste the durian that shakes the tongue.

18. Jember

One of the districts in East Java, Jember cannot be underestimated in terms of tourism. Jember is famous for its Papuma Beach, which has white sand and coral rocks. On this beach, a traveler can watch the sunrise and sunset.

In addition, there are Watu Ulo and Payangan Beaches which are fun to surf and relax. One of the coolest places to take photos in Jember is at Kursi Giant Cafe Gumitir. As the name suggests, this is a unique giant chair that is 4 meters high!

19. Banyuwangi

Sunrise Of Java, that is the nickname for Banyuwangi, which is at the very end of East Java and facing Bali. Talking about tourist destinations, Banyuwangi may be puffed up. Because it has a blue fire phenomenon in Ijen Crater, of which there are only two in the world, one in Iceland.

Banyuwangi has two national parks, namely the Alas Purwo National Park and the Meru Betiri National Park. At Alas Purwo, please visit G-Land Beach which is famous as a place for professional surfing and Sadengan which is called the Africa of Java. At Meru Betiri, head to Teluk Hijau, where the beaches are really pretty and the waters are clear blue. Still about the beach, don’t forget to visit the Red Island Beach. Banyuwangi also has many tourism events every year, you know!

20. Singkawang

Singkawang in West Kalimantan has attractions that make your hair shudder. This is the Tatung Parade attraction, which takes place 15 days after Chinese New Year, aka the closing of the Chinese New Year series of events. The venue is in Central Market.

During the Tatung parade, the participants will carry various sharp weapons, from knives, machetes, swords to motorbike gears. A moment later, they will stab or slash the sharp objects into themselves. With the magical power of the mandraguna, they will not feel pain. Tatung itself aims to get rid of misfortune.

21. Tanjung Puting

Tanjung Puting in Central Kalimantan is one of the best destinations for 2016. Tourists can be satisfied seeing orangutans living freely and acting cute.

Tanjung Puting covers an area of ​​415,040 hectares. In this large area, there is Camp Leakey, an orangutan conservation area that is usually the main destination for travelers.

Apart from Camp Laeakey, there are also Camp Tanjung Harapan and Camp Pondok Tangguy. There, a traveler can get a close look at the daily life of orangutans from small to adults. Complete information about orangutans can also be obtained during the holidays there.

22. Derawan

Derawan is located in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. The way to get there can be via Tanjung Batu in Berau or Tarakan in North Kalimantan, both of which take a boat.

This archipelago consists of many islands. There are four islands that are usually the leading tourist destinations here, namely Maratua Island, Kakaban, Sangalaki and Derawan.

Of the four islands, only Maratua Island and Derawan Island are inhabited. On Kakaban Island, there is a lake which is inhabited by non-stinging jellyfish. While on Sangalaki Island there is a turtle sanctuary. Derawan is indeed a winning destination.

23. Mandalika

Lombok is blessed with a row of beautiful, special beaches. One of them is the Mandalika area in the southern part of Lombok.

This area consists of several beaches, namely Gerupuk, Tanjung Aan Beach, Serenting Beach, Seger Beach and Kuta Beach. This row of beaches is an area that is being heavily promoted for a special area for Indonesian tourism.

Not only the scenery is beautiful, but also the legendary Princess Mandalika story. Princess Mandalika was known to be very beautiful and wise, but she sacrificed herself so that there would be no bloodshed in her country. Every year there is a Bau Nyale Festival on Seger Beach, to hunt for worms that are believed to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika.

24. Kepulauan Talaud

The Talaud Islands are in North Sulawesi. Talaud owns Intata Island which is in the northern frontier of Indonesia. This island is uninhabited, you know!

On this island, there is a unique festival which is one of the attractions of Intata, the Mane’e Festival. The festival is unique, because people around the island will gather here to catch fish using coconut leaves. Yes, that’s right, with coconut leaves, not fishing rods, let alone nets.

Apart from festivals, this uninhabited island has white sand beaches that are too beautiful. Just imagine, the white sand is almost untainted by trash. The granules are soft, it doesn’t hurt at all if you step on them with bare feet. This is the champion of adventure destinations.

25. Tomohon

Another beauty of North Sulawesi is Tomohon. Dubbed as the City of Flowers, Tomohon has an international flower festival.

At this festival, countries such as the US, Philippines, Japan and even North Korea joined in to celebrate this event. Other provinces do not want to lose to show off here.

A series of flowers are arranged on a float with various shapes. Above the parade vehicle there will be the Queen of Flowers Finalists. They will stand and wave at the visitor. If you are on vacation to Tomohon, don’t forget to stop by to buy flowers!

26. Wakatobi

Don’t settle for just going to Bali, go a step further and head to Wakatobi. Located in Southeast Sulawesi, Wakatobi has beautiful and clean beaches.

What is more famous is the underwater world which is so rich. Most tourists who come here spend their time in the water. The marine park is one of the famous ones in Indonesia, you know!

27. Sombori

Raja Ampat now has a rival. One of them is Sombori in Central Sulawesi. Clear waters and clusters of coral hills are the mainstay of this destination. Really similar to Raja Ampat in Papua.

Located in Morowali Regency, Sombori offers a unique Indonesian marine nature. White sand, clear blue waters, and of course, incredible underwater world. Sombori started getting on the tourist radar this year.

28. Buton

This historical city is called Buton. Even here there is the largest fort in Indonesia. If you are a history and culture lover, you definitely feel at home in this city.

Customs and traditions are still strong in the daily life of the local community. Don’t miss the cultural festival, it is definitely not separated from the camera to capture its beauty.

29. Takabonerate

One more marine park area in Indonesia that cannot be underestimated is Takabonerate. From the mainland, this area is like most coastal areas. Gorgeous beach line with beautiful views.

But use diving equipment and get ready to be amazed by the marine park. Takabonerate has a very rich marine life, even more exotic than other places in Indonesia.

30. Toraja

No one will refuse if invited to Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi. Its nature, culture and traditions are equally interesting.

A typical Toraja building called Kete Kesu highlight the beauty of the local culture. Not to mention the history and traditions that are so beautiful and tempting to explore. And don’t forget, the culinary delights also shake the tongue. Complete!

31. Morotai

Morotai is included in the list of 40 Best Destinations 2016 for its stunning beauty. Charming white sandy beach, clear blue sea that stretches out. Perfect mix as a vacation location.

Dodola Besar Island and Dodola Kecil become the idol of tourists. Here a traveler can play water, snorkel, and dive. Not enough, there are Zum-Zum Island, and also Kolorai Island.

Morotai is included in the 10 priority tourism areas. There are many diving spots that a traveler can dive into. Shipwrecks from World War II are the main treats that a traveler can see. Cool!

32. Ternate

Ternate is a very interesting destination during 2016. Ternate is one of the cities that was traversed by the rare moment of the total solar eclipse on March 9, 2016.

In Ternate, there are many interesting tourist destinations. For those who like historical tours, you can visit the Sultanate of Ternate Palace. For beach tourism, there are Falajawa Beach, Akerica, and Sulamadaha which are as clear as glass.

Don’t miss the charm of Lake Tolire, which is ready to sedate a traveler with its beauty. Although beautiful, this lake is shrouded in tales of the curse of forbidden love. If you are curious, just have a vacation to Ternate.

33. Ende

Ende is a cool city in NTT that travelers need to look to as their next vacation destination. In this small town, you can trace the footsteps of Bung Karno. Young Bung Karno was recorded as having been banished in this city.

There is Bung Karno’s House of Exile, as well as the Bung Karno Reflection Monument. It is said that after contemplating in this place, Bung Karno was inspired by Pancasila, which is now the basis of the Indonesian state.

Don’t forget about Kelimutu Lake, a beautiful lake with 3 different colors. Don’t miss the moment to see a magical sunrise on this lake.

34. Komodo

Komodo Island is indeed the best destination to visit in 2016. The opportunity to see ancient animals that have existed for thousands of years is a pity to miss.

Don’t miss the beautiful panorama of Padar Island. Although to see it, a traveler needs to sweat trekking first, but it’s all worth the effort.

The seductive Pink Beach will definitely attract a traveler’s attention. The photos on this unique colored beach will certainly be a valuable collection on your Instagram account.

35. Wae Rebo

The village of Wae Rebo in the interior of Flores has also been a favorite of travelers throughout 2016. Visiting this simple village, you can learn a lot about the meaning of life, and also how to live in harmony with nature.

For those who like photography, Wae Rebo is very photogenic. Photographed from any angle, Wae Rebo is sure to be very interesting. Especially at the moment of sunrise, it will definitely be amazing.

Interacting with local Wae Rebo residents will certainly be an experience in itself. Especially with their children who are still innocent, their sincere smiles will definitely warm a traveler’s heart.

36. Alor

Another champion destination in Indonesia is Alor in East Nusa Tenggara. Alor mash is rarely touched by tourists, even though its natural beauty is extraordinary. Alor has many clear beaches such as Ling’al, Mouth Beetle, Sabanjar and Bakel.

Alor also has hills with typical Eastern Indonesian grass which adds to the beautiful scenery. Underwater nature such as in Kepa Island and Pantar Island is not playing in nature.

Travelers who like diving can meet rare whales, dolphins and sunfish. Alor is the face of Indonesia that you must know.

37. Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has been a prima donna destination in recent years. This area at the bird’s head of the western part of Papua Island offers a stunning beauty to the world.

One by one the spots in Raja Ampat shock the traveler with its beautiful scenery. After Wayag, now it’s your turn to tease tourists from all over the world to come.

The underwater world champions with fauna ranging from whale sharks, carpet sharks and charming mantas. Over the next few years, Raja Ampat will continue to surprise everyone.

38. Sentani

Sentani is a large and beautiful lake in Jayapura Regency with various inhabited islands. Sentani is the perfect place to get to know the culture of the tribes in Papua.

Tourists come to the Lake Sentani Festival which is held every year which is busy with various dances, processions and boat parades. Various delicious culinary delights such as papeda are also scattered.

Don’t forget to visit the villages around Lake Sentani. They make bark crafts that are unique and well known to foreign countries.

39. Wamena

Wamena is the capital of Jayawijaya Regency. For a long time, foreign tourists are willing to come here for one thing: the Baliem Valley Festival. This festival is worldwide, but the number of Indonesian tourists is still outnumbered by foreign tourists to visit it.

In the Baliem Valley Festival, mountain tribes are gathering. They take turns performing war dances with traditional clothes and faces full of make-up. There are also various other attractions, souvenir markets and others.

Wamena is like the cultural heart of Papua. Thankfully, the government has improved Wamena Airport to be cooler and gives a first impression that amazes travelers when landing here.

40. Carstenz

This is the pinnacle of adventure in Indonesia, Carstensz Peak in the heart of Papua is a champion of adventure destinations. This is the highest snow-capped peak in Indonesia at an altitude of 4,884 masl.

True adventurers can ascend from Ugimba Village and walk a week to the top. The fast route is through the PT Freeport Indonesia mining route, but it is not good for the acclimatization of the climber’s body.

Explore its pristine forests and you may come across tree kangaroos or dingo dogs. The citizens of the Moni Tribe are used to being porters taking foreign tourists to their peak. It is your turn to be challenged to conquer one of the 7 peaks of this world.

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